Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is DayQuil a Controlled Substance now? Does EVERYONE have to show I.D. to buy cold medicine at Target?

Good grief! Why does this kinda stuff always happen to ME? I'm telling you I just don't get any breaks. . .

Here's the story:

Last week I was pretty sick and so was dear hubby--my youngest son (who is soon to be 18) was getting over his own sickness and was in better shape than his father and I, so I sent him to the local Target store for some NyQuil and he came back empty handed because the Target Store cashier had 'carded' him and said he was too young to buy it! Even though it was over the counter medicine and the particular formula had no alcohol in it. . .

OK--I get it. We're cracking down on teens buying over the counter meds to supposedly get high. . . so I made a mental note that 17 year olds can't buy cold medicine.

But TODAY was different, because I went to the store myself to get some DayQuil so my dear hubby and son (who relapsed on his sickness) could take some non-drowsy medicine that would help them battle the nasty cold they both have during the day.

My experience also happened at a Target store--but a different one than my son went to, since I was in another part of town.

I was completely flabbergasted with what transpired after I got to the register and put my shampoo, conditioner, and DayQuil on the counter and had them rung up by the friendly Target man.

Target Man: Ma'am, I'm going to have to see some I.D.

Me: What? For the shampoo or DayQuil?

Target Man: It says here on my register that you have bought an item that is contraband without proper I.D.

Me: You're kidding me right? Is this a powerful shampoo or something?

Target Man: Please show me your I.D.

Me: Do I look under 18 to you?

Target Man: I just need to see some I.D. You have something that could cause drowsiness.

Me: I wish I had something that could be lethal. This is crazy. DayQuil doesn't cause drowsiness--that's why it's called DayQuil--so you can take it during the day. And I'm sure the conditioner doesn't cause drowsiness, unless you use it when you are napping.

Target Man: Perhaps there is a controlled substance in it.

Me: By controlled do you mean, yellow dye #5 or maybe the moisturizers?

Target Man: I'm not sure--but you have to show me I.D. please.

Me: (getting out my driver's license and being VERY skeptical) This is nuts! What does it say exactly on that register?

Target Man: (looking at my license and faltering a bit) Something was flagged that tells me to ask the customer for I.D.

71 Year Old Man Next In Line: I have some Aspirin and laxatives. Do I need to get out my I.D. too?

Target Man: (Ignoring man and giving me back my license) It's OK. You just need to remember that we have a policy where we have to check I.D. when certain items are bought. I'm sure this has happened before.

Me: I've bought a lot of ' over the counter medicines' and shampoos over the years at many different stores--and NOT ONE TIME have I ever been asked to show I.D. I can understand that IDs need to be checked for tobacco, alcohol, certain medications and inappropriate materials for KIDS under 18, 21 or whatever the legal age limitations are. But I find it hard to believe that you are asking I.D. from everyone buying shampoo and cold medicine.

Target Man: Yes, I have to. That is policy. One of your items of purchase was flagged and I.D. must be shown.

Me: I.D. must be shown? For what purpose? What are you going to do now that you've seen it? Did you look at the year I was born?

Target Man: No, I looked at your picture. Very nice. Thank you for shopping at Target.

Me: Thank you for following a 'policy' that you have no idea what you are supposed to be looking for. Can I see some I.D.?

Target Man: What?

Me: I need to see some I.D. You're trying to sell me an item that could potentially cause drowsiness and has been flagged by my brain.

Target Man: (trying to smile) You're kidding, right?

Me: Do I look like I'm kidding? I'm kidding about as much as I look 17!

Target Man: (completely missing the point and handing me my bag of items) Well. . . OK then. Thanks again for shopping at Target.

So I left the store vowing never to buy over the counter medicines at Target again. . . although I might have been too hasty. I'm actually curious about this 'policy' and if everyone truly needs to show I.D. when purchasing cold medicines. (or shampoo) So I might just go back tomorrow and have a little talk with the manager. . .

Besides---a good friend told me that I should be flattered that I got carded at my age!

Now, if the guy in question was carding me because he thought I was under 18, I would have been flattered--but the guy didn't even know what he was supposed to be carding for--all he knew was that he was supposed to card.

And my blogger fans should know by now that lately I have gotten a really short fuse when it comes to being stupid. . .


Dan said...

Wild story. I especially liked it when you asked for his id. In this 1984 the machines are running the clerks.

A good friend said...

Boy, am I glad I am a friend of yours who is NOT stupid. I don't want to set off your short fuse!

Very funny post. I'll be sure to carry I.D. when buying anything now.

gFour2008 said...

okay ... so what's the point of "carding" someone if you only look at the picture on the card and not the date of birth? Or is it too much trouble to do that math and figure out whether the customer is over the "legal age" for that product?

Showmethesale said...

gFour, that's my point exactly!

This guy, (in his late 30's--early 40's) was a complete IDIOT! He had no clue why he was supposed to check I.D. for in the first place. (provided there was even a need to CHECK I.D.)

I was definitely older than he was. (and knew that I looked it, alas!) So I have no clue why I had to show this bozo a picture of myself to buy ANYTHING in that store. . .

Hmmmmm. . .I think I WILL have a talk with the manager and hopefully report back for part two. . .

Dan, it does seem like machines are running humans now. YIKES!

Oh, and to 'a good friend' not to worry! I have no stupid friends! So you are safe! (just stay sharp!)

Elaine said...

Hi Patti, No, I have never been carded. That is the most stupidest thing I've heard of. I can by a huge box of day quil at costco and not get carded. Thanks for the warning. I'm tempted to try it just to see.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OMG. They totally do card for Dayquil. Its not even good stuff -

I'm done buying OTC medicine at Target.

Anonymous said...

I know this article is old, but I still wanted to provide a bit of input. My mom is a manager at a Target. They do still card for the DayQuil, which I do not understand, but they now scan the back of your I.D. in order to prove to the computer your age.

Anonymous said...

Very nice article! I was carded the other day so I was curious how long the policy had been in place!