Thursday, June 9, 2011

Impromptu road trips are the best. . .

Now that spring is finally starting to show some signs around our neck of the woods  (as well as occasional sun breaks and warmer weather)  hubby decided we would take a weekend road trip and check out the Oregon Caves at Cave Junction--as well as traversing down to his old stomping grounds in Yreka, California.

Well. . . you don't have to tie me down and beat me with a mallet to get me to:
a)  take a trip
b)  eat something fatty and delicious
c)  avoid working altogether

but I digress. . .

So in May on lucky Friday the 13th, dear hubby drags me out of the house, stuffs me and a ton of luggage and non-essentials in the car and we go traipsing down the road and head south to find fun and adventure. . . . and of course, food.

First stop is Bigfoot Cavern where I swear they have a HUGE map on the wall of all the bigfoot sightings--as well as table shuffle board, billiards, and some very good barbecue.

After fueling up with food (and beating hubby at table shuffle board) it was time to head on  down the highway--until we found this unique place to stop and shop:

This place was called:  "It's a Burl Gallery" and it's located in Kerby, Oregon.  The wood carvings were fantastic--as well as the owner/proprietor himself:

And, by the way--he's holding the wooden bowl that I absolutely couldn't do without.

It was an amazingly cool place and hubby dragged me outta there before I decided to buy more and second mortgage the house. . . 

I mean, how can you leave without buying a wooden likeness of the ole 'Burlyman' himself?

Although hubby tells me I can just take his living likeness home with me anytime. . . so I pull him off the cool wooden tree swing and tell him to stop with the come-ons, and I'll stop my shopping fest. . . for now. . . 

Next it was on to Cave Junction and the Oregon Caves.  The caves were phenomenal.  And we actually got to see a white bat flying around while in the caves.  So cool!

There was this very rustic and pretty Chateau and Lodge at the Oregon Caves:

There were some very nice hiking trails as well.  The one we took was 'No Name' trail and it came complete with scenic streams and waterfalls (but apparently no name):

When it came time to sleep, did we stay at the beautiful Chateau with an amazing view of the lush surroundings?  Of course not!  My husband will spend an inordinate amount of money on dumb and useless cool and amazing stuff that you just gotta have---but sleeping accommodations must be as dirt cheap as possible.  And I had a grand time trying to find the cheapest place we could possibly stay on such short  notice.  I think I came up with a beaut!  It was so inexpensive that it brought tears to my hubby's eyes when he saw the price.  (a whopping 34.95!)  

It also brought tears to my eyes--when I saw the place.  See if you don't agree.

I'm thinking the doorplate room number should be a bit foretelling of what awaits:

And here is the room itself in all its splendor:

Notice the fine detail on the cinder-block walls.  And if you look in the very center of the back wall behind the bed, you will see a tiny rectangle which was a very amazing and modern thermostat:

The terribly mysterious thing about this thermostat was that it was connected to absolutely nothing.  We searched the room for some type of heater or radiator--but there were no vents anywhere to be found.  However, when we turned the dial up in the evening--the room somehow managed to get warm.

We also rested assured that should the room become somehow hot--this trusty air-conditioning wall unit would certainly do the trick when needed:

I always enjoy a room with a view and this one did not disappoint.  The parking lot and empty warehouse across the street were lovely in the moonlight and the window treatments and comfy table and chairs were also a delight:

Needless to say I became too emotional to take anymore pictures so I will spare you the bathroom accommodations.  (I've decided in the future that hubby and I may have to sleep in separate hotels)

Next morning after the sleeping pills wore off (to drown out the party going on in the seedy bar lounge just a few paces away from where we were staying) we headed out to Yreka, California where my hubby spent his childhood and broke his collarbone in a baseball game at the local park.  I got him to retell the story in full detail:

  Then, we had to find a place to eat with 'local color'--and what could be better than 'Grandma's House'?

Grandma did not disappoint.  Her old fashioned cookin' was speedily scarfed down by us--and she had all her recipes right there on the table in the menu!  (too bad I left my copy machine at home)

Last stop before home and hearth was Ashland, where we toured around, shopped, and of course pigged out ate some more.  We toured Lithia Park with its beautiful gardens:

Yes, I have to admit impromptu getaways are pretty sweet. . . thanks hubby for a fun little road trip.