Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This little guy has GOT THE MOVES!

Since my grandsons are so obsessed with break dancing. . . (as well as my oldest son) I found this clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show that spotlights a tiny little break dancer who is just AMAZING!

And just for fun. . . (since I adore little people) here's the cutest little girl who can sing ALL 50 STATES in alphabetical order. . .

(do most Americans even KNOW all 50 states?)

I'm telling ya--Kids are SO DOGGONE CUTE. . . even when they bite:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time to dance. . .

Whenever my sons and grandsons get together there HAS TO BE DANCING!

It's an unwritten (but keenly observed) rule that just goes without saying.

During the time the entire fan-damily was together for our various and sundry celebrations 'the boys' got together to cut up the rug and bust out some moves.

Here's a sampling of what went on:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Max Man turns 3!!!

Along with all the other lovely chaos that's been going on in our family the past several weeks. . . our little 'Mad Max' turned the BIG THREE! Dear daughter always manages to do these fabulous cakes that the boys just love--and the race car one she did for Max was no exception. . .

Max really got into the festivities (and the cake and presents) After all, he loves stuff that's all about HIM!

This is the face of a guy who's VERY pleased with himself:

Happy Birthday, Little Max! (and WHEW! I think I'm finally caught up now!)

So next it's back to ranting and raving and the usual poking fun at the world. . .

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Graduate. . . .

OK. . . . so I don't post for a couple of weeks--but then, I make it up in SPADES!

I've had tons of stuff to do, what with friends and family showing up constantly at my doorstep. (not to worry--it's all good!) There have been weddings, birthdays, 'get togethers', general madness and the normal insanity that comes with any family that's been reunited after quite some time. . . .

First came the Seminary graduation:

Then, the day after my dear daughter had her third baby, my youngest son graduated from High School. WOOHOO!

His two big brothers came to celebrate (one with his wife and one with his girlfriend)

And of course the entire family got together to take that magical 'family picture' But EGADS--if this is the best one out of the bunch, you can see we are a sad, sorry lot!

Congratulations 'J-Man'! You have finally graduated from High School! Now get out there and find a job!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heart Attack Grill. . . not for the wimpy. . .

Apparently there's a bit of a secret they are keeping deep in the bowels of Arizona. And it isn't more air-conditioning.

Oh no! It's definitely diabolical if you are concerned about keeping some semblance of nutritional health. (but I'm told it's MIGHTY tasty)

If you don't mind a few clogged arteries and a bit of a seizing of the heart--just watch this youtube video and enter the fattening and oh, so yummy world of the 'Heart Attack Grill'

You can order a 'quadruple bypass burger' that's only a bit over 8,000 calories with a side of all you can eat 'flatliner fries' (medics on standby and priests offering last rites after the meal are optional)

You might not live through the experience--but I'm told it's a 'meal to die for'. . .

Friday, June 19, 2009

'3-D' has arrived! 'Triple D' will make my 3 grandsons a triple threat now.

OK! OK! so call me a bad 'nana'. . . but I've been so busy, what with visiting family, youngest son's high school graduation, a third grandchild being born. . . it's been hard to keep up!

But I shall now make a valid attempt. . .

FIRST of all--way back on June 11th, 2009 at approximately 10:35 a.m., my 3rd grandchild was born. He also happens to be my 3rd grandson as well. (we seem to have a 'boy thing' going)

His name is all 'Ds' (hence the 3-D or triple D reference) and for now we'll just call him little D for short. . .

Early that lovely sunny, Thursday morning--while his mother was in intense labor, I was busy teaching grandsons numbers 1 & 2 some really cool skills. . .like how to keep a spoon on the end of your nose:

Max decided to try a fork, which ended up quite painful:

Walking to the park and exploring were also on the 'must do' list:

Then it was off to see the new brother:

The next day my older sons, (proud uncles) had to get in on the action as well:

Meanwhile. . . middle brother, Max, was more interested in getting some 'bowl action'--because, well, FROSTING is just so much more tasty!

Welcome 'Triple D' WE LOVE YOU!

This will explain my obsession with HD TVs!

Well, last year (for Valentine's Day) dear hubby let me indulge myself in 'high definition' splendor and I got a nice, fat, juicy Toshiba flat panel HD TV complete with all the bells and whistles.

Since then, I have been living in H*D* Heaven and there is no slowing down on the enjoyment front yet.

Fast forward to. . . NOW when college son comes home and shows me this clip from my ole pal 'Andy' from 'The Office' (otherwise known as Ed Helms) and HECKAFIRE! If this doesn't explain the Hi Def TV craze in simple, easy to understand verbiage--then I just don't know what else will!

He gets me. . . . he really gets me!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello to the car of the future. . . thanks to our government bailouts!


A good friend sent me this youtube video link in an e-mail and I think I left my own carbon footprint from laughing so hard.

(I cried just as hard too--because I found out they don't have one in my color)

Enjoy and remember to drive green. . . and buy Chinese (you can't help it anyway)