Saturday, December 12, 2009

For the love of Pete! It's December already!

I know, I know. . . the month of November completely slipped by me!  (well actually I was so doggone busy that I forgot to blog--so I didn't completely blank out the month of November)

There was the exchanging of 'THE NECKLACE' which I will definitely make mention in some future post, and my 'need for Vitamin D get-away' to Arizona with a friend  and parties and Thanksgiving and. . . OK I'll stop boring you with the details  (until later of course!)

I will be back to blogging soon enough---but since November was CRAZY with activities and whatnot--and this month is proving to outdo the last one. . . I think I will share a cute little video that you can squeeze your little ones on your lap and watch on your monitors to get you in the spirit of things:

Merry Merry Christmas to all my wonderful blogger fans out there!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Cuddly Halloween greetings from Sam and Max. . .

And a cute Halloween greeting, from the Lord Of Cuteness himself:  Des!

 Scary Faces!

 And Happy Faces!

The anticipation is palpable!

It's pumpkin carving time (which is serious work)

The finished products!

The boys approve!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

My hubby is 'Da Man'! (The Husband Song)

Well, today is dear hubby's birthday--so I decided to dedicate this post to him and found a song that I'm SURE he'll 100% agree with. . . after all, he's DA MAN!

Enjoy sweetie--this one's for you (and all the other manly hubbies out there)


Happy birthday Dear Hubby!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

There's Parkour. . . and then there's 'Office Parkour'

Unless you've been living under a rock or perhaps only visit this planet on occasion, you've heard of 'Parkour'.

The Frenchy French thought this one up.  It simply means the art of moving.  And what a way to move, eh?

The participant runs along a route and tries to navigate obstacles in the most effecient totally cool way possible by jumping, spinning, tumbling, leaping, flying, defying gravity and the laws of physics in every way possible.

I am a die hard fan of the sport--and am currently trying to get my body in shape just to navigate the coffee table and couch in my living room without breaking my toes.  (which, alas, I have done TWICE before)

And just as there are 437, 984 coffee combinations at Starbucks--there are many subtle and not so subtle rankings of Parkour. . . from the novice to the not so novice.  (I'm still working up to the novice level)

Just to give you an example--here is a guy whom I will dub 'The King Of Parkour'   His name is Damien Walters.  This is on the 'Hardcore Parkour level':

And then there is the 'Office Hardcore Parkour'  which is in a category by itself and should not be attempted without an 'idiot meter' present:

I'm not going to say 'don't try this at home'--because face it, you can try it ANYWHERE.  Just be sure you look really cool doing it and either give the 'thumbs up sign' when you've mastered a particular tricky move--or shout 'HARDCORE PARKOUR' for effect when you look like a total moron.  That way, everyone will totally understand and think you're amazing.

I will be attempting to hurtle from my parked car into a shopping cart and careen one-legged all the way up to the sidewalk, whereupon I will leap through the automatic doors into the Target store this morning.  Wish me luck. . . .

Monday, October 5, 2009

Beach Dance at Cannon Beach. . . Amazing!

Cannon Beach is such such a beautiful place along the Oregon coast and one of my favorite easy access quick getaway places when I need a  bit of beach time.

On my recent 'gal's getaway' one of the most amazing things we did was participate in 'Beach Dance'
the last Saturday of  September--AND it happened to be the last beach dance event of the season.

Only one of the gal's in my group had participated before and she talked the rest of us into giving it a try.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning--and I had absolutely no  idea of what to expect or how I would feel--but I was willing to just live in the moment and let the music and the ocean and waves and sky and sun and nature take it's course.

I picked my spot over by these cliffs--because there was an inlet (opening) among the rock face where I could go and be alone if necessary and not worry about anyone else watching.

The instructor gave us all iPod Shuffles with an hour's worth of all types of music and we all turned them on at the same time and just went and 'did our thing'

There were no rules, just complete freedom  to move and feel and just BE.



I didn't know how I would feel or what I would end up doing--but the music flowed, my body moved and lo & behold! emotions started pouring out of me. . . so much so, I had to take a break halfway through and get a grip!

It was WONDERFUL.  It was freeing.  It was exhilarating.  It was empowering.  And I ended up using every muscle in my body and performing moves I hadn't done since I was a kid.  (the next day I was sore in places I didn't even know I had!)

I absolutely LOVED it--and I think the other 15 participants that day felt the exact same way.

I talked with the 5 women I came with--and we all agreed we want to make this an annual pilgrimage and participate next year. (although secretly I'm hoping I don't have to wait that long)  I'm now tempted to get an iPod Shuffle of my own and get out there somewhere in nature and start moving and grooving amongst the flora and fauna and birds and bees.

A big thanks to Lisa our fabulous beach dance instructor---and to my friend, (whom I'll call Elaine) for suggesting this idea in the first place. . . and a big thanks to the friends who participated with me that amazing day.

If any of my blogger followers want to try this out for yourselves--just click on the beach dance link I provided in that second paragraph and perhaps you can find a location near you. . .

Hope to see you dancing on the beach--I know I will be!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Oregon Coast getaway. . . Life is GOOD!

I absolutely LOVE getting away to the beach. . . something about the waves. . . the water. . . the cliffs. . . the sand. . . the sun. . . the seagulls. . . . the sky. . . and the SOLITUDE.

OK--maybe not so much the solitude part (since I rarely go alone) but the IDEA of solitude is pretty cool.


Besides. . . the Oregon coast is just breathtakingly beautiful. . . .

The last weekend in September I got away with one of my crazy gal pals and we headed off to the coast for a long 3 day weekend. 


Just for fun we invited another friend and 3 other women we didn't even know.

To find out just ONE of the antics we came up with--you need to read my previous post on 'THE NECKLACE'


Besides the sight seeing and shopping, which are always favorite activities for gal pal and me--we decided to really go out on a limb and try something different.  One of my friends had suggested we participate in  'Beach Dance' on Cannon Beach.   (I will be posting more on that experience later)  But we were a pretty game bunch of women and up for anything--so we ended up giving it a whirl.

The excitement BEFORE the event was much like a kid awaiting Christmas.  The anticipation of what it would be like had us coming up with our own inventive versions. . . (and notice how there is always a handy pole nearby when you need one)


 I think this name aptly describes our little group of wild women:

Notice the point made about 'keeping off'.  I think it goes without saying when you come upon this bunch :

Among the 'sights' that we saw was this PERFECT CAR!  Methinks the theme had something to do with flamingos:

And of course it was parked in front of the PERFECT HOUSE!

Now if I posted every single 'shopping find' we found and JUST HAD TO HAVE, it would exceed the bandwidth for this blog . . . so I'm just gonna say that the finds were AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and FANTASTIC (and didn't set our finances back too much)

Besides finding 'the necklace' and meeting 3 fabulous women---I'm thinking the cream on the top of this latte was participating in 'Beach Dance'. . . And I will savor that moment and share it in my next blog post--because it deserves a post of it's own.

Thanks for the memories gals. . . what a GREAT coast weekend!