Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frolicking on the 4th. . .

This past 4th of July was AWESOME for me and my lil' family. 

 My oldest son flew in from Utah to join in the merriment. . .

--and middle son and his wife drove up from Utah as well. 

 Since my daughter and her family already live here, the only one that was missing was my youngest son who is currently serving a church mission in the Philippines.

We started the day off with a trip to Horning's Hideout in North Plains, Oregon.  It's an amazing place with a lake and trails and peacocks running around everywhere--not to mention 54 holes of disc golf:

Then it was on to a Fourth of July Parade at the coast where the only thing I managed to capture (besides the tons of candy thrown by the folks on the floats) was a photo of men in skirts.  I know what my priorities are and nothing says 'TIME TO FILM' like a bunch of bagpipe marching men wearing kilts. . .

(although dear daughter managed to capture many moments quite nicely with her camera)

Then it was fun and frolic at the coast until a bonfire could be built, s'mores made, and fireworks set off. . . Fun and frolic included lots of ridiculous posing:

Beach-combing and taking in the ocean itself:

 and checking out the lighthouse at Cape Mears:

And getting in a 'photo op' with the Octopus Tree:

Stopping at a local arcade just made one of the brothers glad and one of the brothers mad. . . see if you can figure out which was which from the photo:

I loved having everyone home together--and the fact that we got to eat like pigs and blow stuff up in honor of the holiday made it especially exciting.

Ahhhh. . . I almost forgot (sneaking a peek at daughter-in-law's blog reminded me)  These brothers get a bit weird/sentimental at times:

(Please note: I'm sure there will be more photos to add to this posting--as I need to snag a few from my daughter-in-law and daughter.  There were so many photographers and so little that were blog worthy--at least from my camera  Go figure!)

Until then. . . we'll all have to wait with bated breath for the ending of this posting. . . it could be like the song that never ends. . . maybe I should at least say:


Wait no longer!  Now I can finally add the actual frolic:

And the fireworks!

Now I can finally say it was a very:   


And this last picture I will post (taken by my lovely daughter) sums it up quite nicely: