Friday, April 24, 2009

More CRAZY bumper stickers. . .

You know, humor is not lost on me--even while driving down the road.

I'm amazed at the witty (and not so witty sayings) that people choose to put on the back of their vehicles. What kind of statement are you making as people are checking out your rear?

Well some folks apparently are not afraid to make statements like these:

'It's lonely at the top, but you eat better'

'Proud Member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals'

'Dyslexics Are Teople Poo'

'The weather is here--wish you were beautiful'

'Vote Jack Kevorkian for White House physician'

'Back off! I'm not that kind of car'

Your proctologist called, he found your head'

'The IRS: We've got what it takes to take what you've got!'

'If you're psychic, think 'honk'

'Time is the best teacher; unfortunately it kills all its students'

'If we are what we eat, I'm fast, cheap and easy'

. . . and here is one that if I ever DID have a bumper sticker on my car--I would want it to be something like this:

Some people just don't know how to drive. I call these people 'everybody but me.'

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan Boyle. . .Absolutely AMAZING talent!

Well I know that here in the U.S.A. many of us are 'ga-ga' over American Idol. But I thought I would share something that is truly inspiring from our friends across the pond. . .

There's a show that I check out from time to time on Youtube called 'Britain's Got Talent' and they have produced some of the most brilliant, talented folks from some of the most unlikely places.

Take sweet Susan Boyle, for instance. I'm not going to spoil this for those of you who might not have heard of her or seen this yet. Just click on the link below and be prepared to be amazed:

I actually like the presenters and the judges better 'over there' than I do here on our end of the globe. Simon Cowell you may recognize--as well as Piers Morgan. The lovely lady is Amanda Holden--who puts both Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi to shame. Then there are the hosts, Ant & Dec. And the hunky host of 'Britain's Got More Talent', Stephen Mulhern.

Once in a while you find someone who is simply captivating and deserves a shot at their dream. . . Susan is just such a person--and I'm sure that now she has been showcased on that television show (not to mention the millions of hits on Youtube) she'll get to realize some of those dreams. YOU GO GIRL!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Blast From The Past. . . The 70's Are Alive And Well. . .

Holy Disco, Batman! Did we have fun Saturday night or WHAT? Oh yeah! The party that we went to allowed dear hubby and I to go back in time and recreate those fabulous high school days of the 70's when we definitely knew how to ROCK ON!

Dear Hubby became King of the Dance Floor:

And I became the wacky Posing Party Girl:

Trust me, we were not the only crazy people there. We had many friends who were just as insane as we were and not afraid to show off their FABULOUSNESS:

We even had a visit from the 'Phantom'!!!

Everyone was supposed to come dressed in the decade they graduated from High School in--and there was food, dancing, karaoke, and games galore! (As well as great photo opportunities to get on a SWEET Harley Davidson motorcycle--or become part of a rock band)

More photos will probably follow as I haven't gotten all the ones back from friends yet. . .

(I think they are holding on to them because. . . well. . . they are just too FABULOUS!)

Sam turns 5!

My oldest grandson recently celebrated his 5th birthday with a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! He invited 6 of his 'best friends' over to his house and they had a great party with games and pizza, cake and ice cream, and prizes for all the kids that came.

I was really impressed with my daughter and her husband who decided to NOT make this party about Sam receiving more gifts from the kids that were invited. Rather, they taught him that birthday parties were for celebrating and having fun with the friends and NOT about getting presents from them. So none of the children brought gifts--but Sam and his 'buddies' had a ball.

G-Pa and youngest son and I got there after the festivities were wrapping up and the party revelers were leaving. That's when family and close friends came over to spoil him a bit and bring him some presents to open.

I made sure little Max got a gift too--so he wouldn't feel left out.

Sam's party was a BIG HIT and both boys were thrilled beyond belief! Max took everything in stride too--(including Sam's presents)

P.S. Sorry to my dear daughter, but I just HAD to snag these pictures of Sam and Max from her. They were just TOO CUTE! The 'try to eat a doughnut from a string with your hands behind your back game' was pretty exciting:

And I thought last year's Rocket Cake she made for Sam was pretty impressive--but this year's Blue Jet Fighter Cake was even more amazing. I love how it's lit:


Friday, April 10, 2009

Detoxing. . . It's my new OBSESSION!

I posted about this book I've read in the little online book club I belong to--but it bears repeating on my blog because. . . Well. . . just BECAUSE!

Yeah, there are worse things I could be obsessed with--but my latest passion is DETOXING! And after I finished doing 'The Master Cleanse' I wanted MORE! So dear hubby decided to get me a great book on the subject which I devoured as rapidly as I used to eat junk food:

The book is called: The Detox Strategy--Vibrant Health In 5 Easy Steps

By: Brenda Watson, C.N.C.

I really enjoyed learning how our bodies deal with all the toxins in our environment--and what we can do to create the best optimal health for ourselves in a toxic world. And yep--I'm currently on the 14-Day RENEW plan for total body rejuvenation that the book talks about.

I feel so GOOD and I love how my body is responding to the way I eat, drink, exercise and THINK! Yep--thinking is mentioned in there too--which is something that I know several folks should do more of!

If I can reverse this aging process by making some simple lifestyle changes, I'm all for it. I now shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes almost exclusively--and I'm gradually replacing all the 'staples' that we eat with organic foods. I rarely eat meat any more. As soon as I finish my liver/kidney/total body cleanse--I'm moving on to a heavy metal cleanse--and I plan on cleansing at least a couple of times a year to keep myself as toxic free as possible.

Just living in the environmentally conscious Northwest wasn't enough--I had to become a hemp-wearing, tree-hugging, natural food eating environmentalist wacko by finding out that I could reverse the aging process and LOOK and feel younger and fit.

Yep! It's all about appearances that finally got to this shallow little heart of mine. . .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mad World. . . Adam Lambert. . .AWESOME!

Oh MY! This guy is unstoppable! I am so impressed with Adam Lambert.

He just gets better and better! His 'Mad World' performance was simply MAD!

I'm predicting this guy is gonna win it all this year. . .

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stay out of my PERSONAL SPACE!

I swear, I just can't get a BREAK! Does this happen to anybody else, or is it just me? The other day I was taking youngest son to the orthodontist and we had one of those very early morning appointments so my young 'blessed precious' wouldn't miss any of his 2.3 hours of school. (but that's ANOTHER story)

Anyway--we get him checked in and taken to 'the back' and I go sit down in the lobby to wait. Mind you, this lobby is HUGE and has like 75 chairs and so I go find one in a corner to sit quietly by myself and read my book when this guy comes in and out of the entire cavernous, empty place, chooses the chair RIGHT NEXT TO ME to sit his foul smelling self down.

This guy smelled like the bottom of an ashtray used in seedy bowling alley. I looked up from my book to see if there were any hidden cameras in the place to capture my reaction to this personal space invasion.

It's going to to be obvious when I get up and move that it's because of HIM and I am in the uncomfortable, but necessary position to do just that, when the receptionist calls his name and he gets up and goes to check in, thankfully.

THEN some bedraggled mother with a middle schooler, and several toddlers comes barging in and comes all the way over to the other side of the room (where I am naturally!) and parks her brood right down by ME! What is this? What is happening here? Did I shower longer than necessary this morning?

The ENTIRE PLACE IS EMPTY and she sits down with her 3 unruly kids right next to ME! Do I look like I want to have a conversation with my hat pulled down over my head and a book covering my face? Am I too friendly and approachable? (I'll have to work on that)

So I get up and go out to the restroom for a few minutes and come back to find that she's still there slapping the kids around, minus the middle schooler--who must have been called to the back.

I walk to another empty area to sit when another person waltzes in and watches me carefully. Oh no! I'm on to you, buddy. I'm gonna watch where this guy sits first. So I wait while he stands and watches me. I decided to go with the fake--I move over to a chair, watching him follow me over there and bend down like I'm going to sit and he moves in a few chairs to my right. That's when I spring up and make my move with my cell phone in hand like I just got a call and go out towards the rest room again.

By the time I came back he was seated and looking a bit nonplussed. I chose a seat next to the door in the corner where there could only be one person who sat next to me and I put my coat and purse on it, just to be safe. Then I once more, tried to pull out my book--and just as I was thumbing through, trying to find my place--a woman comes and moves my stuff off the chair and sits next to me.

"I give up!" I yell. That's when she tells me she's the dental assistant and has the results back of my youngest son's exam.

So I calm my respiration to a more normal rate and listen to her and collect my son and leave.

It's not that I don't want to be friendly. (well maybe I don't) But I just need my personal space. I don't ask for much--just 3 to 4 feet between myself and a complete total stranger when in a questionable hygienic setting.

Youngest son got the point rather quickly and made himself scarce around the house. . . .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol time again!

Yep! It's that time of year again to get down with your bad self and do your American duty by punching those digits to vote for your favorite young talent in America.

This year's line up of contestants (with the exception of Megan Joy Corkery)is exceptionally diverse and talented. I love the sweet, smooth, clear sound of the piano playing man, Scott McIntyre. And I really enjoy this season's rocker, David Lambert, as well as the bluesy, R&B, soulful voice of Danny Gokey.

My two 'front runner favorites' are Danny and David. Apparently I like names that start with the same letter. Danny turns in solid performance every week. Last week David cast off his rocker image to make a real moment with an old Smokey Robinson song. Wow! The live version is not available--but you can hear the live version and see photos of the gothic rocker hunk here:

But this performance last night by Kris Allen just blew me out of the water. He is also quite talented and an excellent singer. Here's his take on an old song; 'Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone':

This season's line up is so darn GOOD it's hard to pick a clear winner at this point. The one thing that is a given is that the new judge, Kara DioGuardi, is pretty and annoying--which makes her pretty ANNOYING. What the heck do they need her for?

She's like Mohinder Suresh, the fictional character of Heros, who always has to use the phrase 'My Father's Research' in each episode. (or at least he used to, before he got his own superpowers and went wacko) You can always count on her to either say she wants to see MORE from the contestant--(well, duh! They only get 2 minutes to perform)--or she wants to see them be themselves.

"I want to see YOU!" you can hear her high pitched whine. Kara, Dudette! Just change your contacts or get a pair of really good glasses. Me? I'm going to start watching her judge with a bag over my head and the volume turned down.