Monday, September 20, 2010

The art of 'the crouch'

Probably the most famous 'crouch' is Michelangelo's  'Crouching Boy'. . . and then the next famous crouch is the one my man does when berry picking.

On any given day--and at any given time he will gladly give you a demo of his much perfected crouching technique:

And he was able to use it quite a bit this spring and summer as we did our share of berry picking with various members of the family. . . 

each had their own unique style:

OK--admittedly--my daughter is only crouching to take photos--but rest assured she did her own share of crouching--even if it was to keep this guy from devouring everything in sight:

My job, of course was to make sure 'the crouchers' were doing their job:


And to pick the most absolute PERFECT berries when they could be found::

So we could end up with something like this:

Thanks to my man for taking me wild blackberry picking, blueberry picking, huckleberry picking, strawberry picking, and to my awesome daughter and her family for allowing us to tag along on their various berry picking quests (and for taking such amazing photos)

Hope your summer was as full of berry goodness as ours was and by all means, work on your crouch.  You'll never know when it may come in handy. . . .

Friday, September 17, 2010

Beach Dance Getaway Part Deux!

Holy Crapatoli!  Where the SNOT have I been for these past few months?  Not to worry--I'm gonna tell you what's been going on (most likely in no particular order) but suffice it to say this past spring and summer has been like the lines from Charles Dickens: "A Tale Of Two Cities' . . . it was the best of times. . . it was the worst of times. . . .

Let me start with the most recent and one of those 'best of times'. . . .

Last weekend my 'bling pals' and I decided to get together for ROUND TWO of  getting away to the Oregon Coast for some fabulous beach dancing, fun and frolicking, eating and partying, and of course--shopping for 'the necklace' number TWO!

The weather was ABSOLUTELY PERFECTO!  It was sunny and clear and warm and wonderful for hanging out at the beach.

Here we are trying our best to look 'sultry':

Don't ask. . . 

First off we got down to the SHOPPING.  And I mean there was some SERIOUS shopping.  Even I couldn't believe the fabulous sales--so I documented the deals with my handy-dandy camera.

Here are some examples:

70% of sounds pretty darn good, right?

How about 80%?  That's even better!

What about 90%?  Are you thinking, "Oh WOW! Slap my wallet and pull out my charge card!"


Well, so was I until I saw this 95% off sign.  

Then I got to thinking, maybe I should hold out until I see a sign that says:  

100% OFF and we'll throw in a cat!

Well, they didn't actually have  a sign like that--but they did have THIS one (which was just as good):

Now I don't know about you, but I get all 'tingly' when I see signs like this and my purse starts to quiver and pretty soon I am nearly convulsing and in another dimension all together. . . Needless to say the shopping was FABULOUS and my 'necklace buds' and I agreed that this particular weekend the planets, and zodiac signs, and shopping Gods had all converged to make this beach trip THE BEST EVER!

We found another gem of a necklace to add to last year's 'Amoeba Guy' in a gallery shop in Seaside:

This necklace we all loved equally (and I hope the gals who couldn't make it this time love it too)  We dubbed her: 'Pearl':

  And she came with matching earrings--and of course I just had to wear it out of the store--but I gave it up later on that night to another gal who gets to have it first.  (the lucky SNOT)

So here's the first get together of 'Amoeba Guy' and 'Pearl':

Since the first day was devoted to shopping and eating. . .

 the second day was all about dancing (and eating). . . and weird taxi rides.

  I wish I had some photos of us 'doing our thang' but I was too busy dancing and frolicking in the ocean.  It was really AWESOME.  Cannon beach is so beautiful.  And Lisa our instructor is absolutely amazing.  (if you are reading this Lisa, here's a 'shout out' to you!)

Some of the gals had to scoot on home Saturday--but then there were the die-hards that stayed on until Sunday afternoon.  (when we had to be dragged out by our ears and forced into the car to head back home)  We ended up dancing Saturday night too doing some 'Wild Waltzing' in Manzanita.  Thankfully, I didn't have the camera with me--so I can spare you the pictures of that rockin' good time!  There were some very uninformed folk there that thought we were a professional dance group--and hey!  we went with it.  It worked for us!

On the way back, 'Eva Diva' and 'Hedi Ho' and I made some new friends at the Camp 18 Restaurant where we pigged out dined.

Oh--and to my son-in-law. . . thanks for the tip about the Lumberyard Restaurant in Cannon Beach.  It was FABULOUS!  Thanks to my 'bling gals' and 'beach dance' buds'  What a GREAT way to end the summer!