Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey it's MONDAY!

Call me weird--but I just LOVE the beginnings of a new week!

The world is filled with possibilities--and I have high hopes for all the things I want to accomplish this week. . . (doesn't mean that I will actually GET to all of them--but a girl can dream, can't she?)

Happy Monday to everyone!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


All right. . . who else out there has a 15 to 16 year old learning to DRIVE?

Sheesh! This is my 4th go around with this (last child) and so you'd think I would become an expert by now. . .

Alas--I am MUCH OLDER and much more prone to nausea, panic attacks, extreme emotional overload, and SHEER TERROR!

Saturdays are the 'designated days' for my son and I to 'practice driving'. . . (well, HE'S the one practicing the driving part)---I'm practicing holding on to the dashboard and door handle for dear life, keeping my eyes OPEN WIDE, and head craning around on a perpetual pivot to spot vehicles, curbs, walls, sidewalks, pedestrians, pets, flag poles, and any other thing we could possibly hit--AND of course I'm practicing keeping my sanity and my swearing down to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM!

I tell ya. . . dear ole' dad has it easy! He has somehow managed to just pay the car insurance each month and complain about the 'upkeep' on the cars---while I am in the WAR ZONE each and every week trying to keep little Billy from killing anyone including himself. . .

Oh--and don't let me get started on the TAKING OF THE ACTUAL TEST!

That is another can of worms that I dare not open at this time. . . Suffice it to say that little Billy's older brother, Bobby not only had to take his WRITTEN permit test TWICE--he ended up taking the WRITTEN exam to get the actual driver's license THREE TIMES--and the DRIVING PART of the test TWICE! (that should have been a clue that maybe he just wasn't cut out for driving) This fact was certainly drilled home when Bobby ended up totaling his older brother's car while taking his buddys out for a 'spin'. . . He didn't get three miles from the driveway before mayhem hit. . . (and let's not even tally what the OLDEST brother did to his sweet lil' mom's car after HE learned to drive. . .)

Soooo. . .what the SNOT am I thinking? Do I even dare go through this again? Somebody give me STRENGTH!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ahhh! Don't ya just LOVE the fall?

Yep! The autumn season is definitely upon us. . .Don't you just love those cold, crisp mornings? (although I could do without all those gray clouds and rain)

The wind blowing through the trees. . . the leaves turning all those gorgeous colors. . the crunch they make under your feet as they cover the ground and sidewalks. . . time to get out those sweaters and sweatshirt. . . heat up the hot cider and hot chocolate and munch on cinnamon rolls and warm cookies as you bask around that glowing fire. . .

I love living in the northwest where we experience a definite change of seasons and fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. . . Living close to the high school has me waxing nostalgic when I hear the marching band practices. . . and hear those cheers and screams of victory coming from the football field on Friday nights. . .

It's the ushering in of what I call 'the caloric holidays'---so one had best gear up so to speak--as you are about to embark on the biggest non-stop food fest of the year!

Of course, I am referring to the start of the Halloween season--which is already upon us, I might add--as I've already bought my Halloween candy for the kiddles, and have been munching on it for weeks already. . . (which reminds me--I will definitely need to buy a few more bags before the end of the month as these will definitely be COMPLETELY GONE and permanently attached to my thighs well before then!)

Next on the list is the Thanksgiving season--which jumps right in there with Halloween--and definitely not to be outdone as far as the FOOD INTAKE goes. MAN! I have already started preparing lots of practice dishes which are copiously sammpled by me and other family members--under the pretext of trying out every possibility for just the RIGHT traditional touch when the BIG DAY is actually upon us. I mean--who can pass up all the pies and cookies and tasty delights that the bakeries have on display RIGHT NOW. I am only doing my part when I consume these delectables before the expiration date says they are no longer safe. . .

And then--we have the Christmas season--which we all know really begins the day after labor day! I mean--come on! The stores are already partially decorated and selling Christmas 'home decor' as well as putting so many things on sale with the idea that you will purchase these items as gifts for 'someone on your list'---yeah--RIGHT! I am proud to say that I always purchase tons of items to have on hand as gifts well ahead of time with every intention of carefully wrapping and sending them off to loved ones far and near. . . but then again--these are such good bargains--and many of these items I personally cannot do without---and didn't Whitney Houston teach us that to love ourself was the greatest gift of all? So after I end up using/keeping these wonderful items--I am right there in the thick of it--suited up in full body armor (which is also flame-retardant), elbowing, shoving, biting, and clawing my way through the the other last minute shoppers to make absolutely sure I've gotten everything!

Oh--but I digress! The worst part--(nay, actually the BEST part) is the FOOD! Glorious food! The mother-load of treasure troves of indulgence when it comes to food--is to be had at Christmas time. . . and after Halloween and Thanksgiving. . . I mean, come on! Who are you trying to kid??? What's one more lil' indulgence--or two. . . or three. . . or thirty? Besides, you can always start over with the new year, can't you? Isn't that what New Year's resolutions are for?

And speaking of New Years. . . . well that just rounds out the list. . . because after you are literally ready to POP after Christmas--you can't stop without celebrating with a BANG and a ZILLION calories the ringing in of the NEW YEAR! Have you ever been to a party or gathering at New Years where there WASN'T a ton of food and drink involved???? Good grief just thinking about all this has made me gain a pound or two--and I think I might have just developed a cavity. . . SHEESH!

By the way. . . Did I mention that I JUST LOVE FALL????

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today I begin my adventures in blogging!

Hello, one and all!

I have no idea where this will take me---but the first step is to begin, right?

So I am jumping in with both feet and attempting to put down on paper (nay monitor) the tales and adventures of these crazy events I call 'life'. . .

I could have as well titled this blog 'Showmethejustice by Showmethesale' for many times I have been left to scratch my head in wonder at the inconsistencies, the ineptitude, foibles, and follies of men and women as they plunder in and out of my life. . .

Today is a good day---it's only 8:35 a.m. in the morning--so nothing much has happened yet! (this can be good or bad, depending on how you look at things)

And so begins my adventures in blogging. . . hopefully I have not disrupted the space/time continuum or reversed the polarities or imploded a black hole or something by my venturing into this unknown territory!

Let the adventure begin!