Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Hubby fights back!

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to my blog.

Dear hubby caught my last post about 'Antonio Banderas (and those water photos)

So he decided that since I seem to like 'men in water shots', he e-mailed me a couple of his own--so that I could have them to drool over. . .

What a guy!

And, he just happened to mention that if I wanted to put them up on my blog---he wouldn't mind at all.  That way other women who like men in the water could be happy too.  You know, he's just so humanitarian in that regard, it astounds me.

So ladies, this is for your enjoyment as well as mine:

You know, I'd say something here--but then, I'm sure dear hubby would read it and fight back all over again. I think the studly man in the water pose says it all, don't you?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No, I am not obsessed with Antonio Banderes. . . well, maybe a little.

Now I have been accused of mentioning this guy on occasion.  You know, at parties, gatherings, a few conversations with friends, and maybe mumbling in my sleep. . .

I have no earthly idea why.  I mean--just look at this guy!  What on earth would there be to like?

I mean--he can't help how he looks. . . or talks. . . or moves through water. . .

I'm sure he had nothing to do with it.  He can blame his perfections on genetics or being incredibly lucky enough to find an amazingly talented plastic surgeon. . . or both.

But whatever it is---it certainly works for him!

I admit to watching The Legend Of  Zoro on more than one occasion (and even the bomb, Zoro II) as well as Once Upon A Time In Mexico and even the crappy Spy Kids movies.just to get my lil' Antonio fix.   

The Shrek movies were fun and featured Antonio's voice as the pussycat.

I mean--here you can even see Shrek giving him a BIG SQUEEZE because, well, he's just so doggone cute.

(although Shrek's opinion of cuteness is circumspect--as he is hugging the ugly donkey too--but you get the point)

I don't know. . . there is just something about him that makes me go. . . hmmmmm. . . or maybe it's yummmm!   Anyway--I am clearing up the matter once and for all for my hubby, family and blogger friends that NO, I am not having an affair with Antonio.  (well, truth be told, he hasn't asked yet)  And I am NOT obsessed with him.  I just think he's hunky and adorably cute in a manly, better than chocolate way.

And a girl's entitled to her opinions, isn't she?  I mean I feel so sorry for the poor guy.  All that walking around looking like something that can't even be printed on my blog because there might be children present. . .

Antonio, don't bother calling, hon--because I'd just have to turn you down. . . and for Pete's sake--can you just grab a towel and stay out of the water???

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Dennis Quaid wants, Dennis Quaid gets!

I admit, that I find this actor pretty down to earth, humble and doggone good looking.  And when a friend sent me a youtube clip featuring a prank he pulled on the Ellen DeGeneres show, I was enchanted all over again!

Pretty funny---and I totally agree that whatever Dennis Quaid wants--he gets!

I need to start speaking of myself in the third person.  Maybe it will work for me too?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two friends, a necklace, and the Grand Canyon. . .

What happens when two totally insane friends decide that they MUST get away from the harsh winter weather of the great northwest. . . and travel a bit further south to the sunnier climes of Arizona for some R&R, SUN, and ADVENTURES?

Well. . . . you're about to find out.

My gal pal--whom I refer to as 'Heidi' (because that's what she likes me to call her) and I decided to take a trip this past November and see that great ball of burning gasses in the sky (known to some as 'the sun'):

and to shop and play:




and visit friends and some of the members of my family:



Note that Heidi is letting my mother in law wear the necklace for the day.  We almost had to pry it out of her cold, dead hands before we could get it back after it was clasped around her neck.  She LOVED it!  We ended up going into her bedroom, ransacking the place, finding it, and taking it back before heading back home again.


My sister will probably KILL ME for putting this photo of her up on my blog.  But hey!  What are sisters for?  (and besides, I live 2,000 miles away--so I'm not too worried about it)

We really had a grand time--soaking in TONS of vitamin D and basking in the warmer weather.  We took in a musical comedy show called:  'Church Basement Ladies"

And took in some of the local southwestern scenery:


We visited the Mesa Temple and toured the grounds:


One of the fun little adventures we had was to take a drive up to Jerome (the old ghost town) taking that HAIRBALL highway that goes up Mingus Mountain with about a BAJILLION twists and turns and NO GUARDRAIL, for the love of Pete!  WHEW! But I managed to not drive the car off the cliff like Thelma and Louise and get to the top:

We ate at an old hospital--now converted into a 'Grand Hotel' with a restaurant located up on the top floor called 'The Asylum' which was aptly named by the guy who greeted us upon entering:



Of course 'the necklace' was with us at this event--so we had to commemorate the occasion and leave a lasting reminder.  (until the waiter tore the paper tablecloth off):

We also went to Sedona and took an amazing 'Pink Jeep Tour' that allowed us to four wheel through the canyons and see some of the most amazing desert vistas at sunset:



And what trip to Arizona could be complete without touring the Grand Canyon?  Certainly not this one:


So of course, this is where Heidi decides that 'the necklace' should have it's own 'death-defying' experience and nearly drops the poor thing off the south rim:

Now you see it:


Now you don't:



Just kidding!  The necklace (as well as Heidi and I) made it back to our native home and hearth safe and sound minus a few bucks, some sleep, and missed therapy appointments--which thanks to the trip--we won't need after all!