Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nothing says hail to the new year like a little Star Wars Fun

OK--so I was backed into a corner and had a bit of fun with cartooning some of my family in this make-shift 'Star Wars' Movie clip.

And since not only my kids but even my grandkids love Star Wars, I couldn't resist.

You may laugh---but hey!  I don't care. . . the force is with me. . .

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Force at Christmas time

First of all, let me just say that in this new year of 2011 I will NOT be making any earth-shattering resolutions--I just hope to keep up with my life and not seriously injure anyone in the process.

That being said--I need to backtrack a bit and add some fun events which I had not yet opined on in late 2010--the most recent of which was this past Christmas.

It was a holly jolly one to be sure.  Full of wonder and love and mirth. . and this year especially the presence of THE FORCE was in full effect.

Thanks to my dear daughter's MUCH better camera (Santa, are you listening for next year perhaps??) I am 'borrowing' a few of her photos as well.  Now to show how this intergalactic event took place in my not-so-futuristic home.

Just the very idea that CHRISTMAS was ACTUALLY here, had my two older grandsons in hyper-drive:

And just about everyone had their game face on for the Christmas meal as you can see in the slide show.  (the only one 'grinchy' was G-Pa who was trying his best to look upset about carving the 'roast beast'

Everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit (namely, in a good mood):

And Nana knew just what to get the munchins this year as they desperately wanted a 'Star Wars' Christmas:

After receiving my 'snuggle' from my oldest son--I had to admit, it made me feel a bit like a Jedi:

And speaking of oldest son--he was definitely quite proud of his 'uber-cool pacemaker thingy'--just like Iron Man:

G-Pa is always stylin' in what the kids give him to wear.  This year a new fishing hat and a Fantasy Football League Champion t-shirt:

May the wonder and beauty of Christmas (and the power of the force, of course) be with you through this new year. . . .