Friday, July 17, 2009

No, I am NOT twittering! (But thanks for asking)

Are you kidding me? No, really! Are you seriously KIDDING ME? Cuz, you're KILLING me here!

I've been asked repeatedly if I 'twitter' and I am going to TWEET my answer once and for all in really simple language so everyone can understand where I'm coming from.

Oh! Maybe I should throw an explanation in here so those of you 'twits' who are uninformed about 'tweeting' will know what I'm talking about:

is another ridiculous vehicle for millions of people with absolutely nothing on their minds to be able to share their 'thoughts' to other equally mentally challenged folks who could care less. . .

In other words--never had so many folks with so little to say, said so much banality to so few.

Perhaps I'm being a bit snarky here. But the bottom line is that you basically share your 'tweets' (thoughts) about anything and everything at any time of day or night with your 'twits' (those who follow you) It's called 'twittering' and it is causing real socialization and actual conversation to teeter-totter on the brink of collapse.

"But Showme," (my friends who want to become twits apparently) will say to me. "You could have a real following. You can tell us what you are thinking about all the time and we would have access to the real you. You'd be a SENSATION!"

Put down the crack pipe and just THINK about that for a minute. I'm not sure anyone on planet earth is ready for the 'real me'. And even if by some miracle, a huge following (or heck, ANY following) was created in my twittering wake--let's face it--I just couldn't stand up to the pressure.

Holy Tweetmeister, Batman! I can barely keep up with my e-mail accounts, facebook, and this blog! (not to mention the real life I live out there somewhere past Twitterville)

I just can't see myself twittering on a daily, hourly, minute,millisecond basis. (at least not YET!) My life is just not that doggone exciting.

"But that's the POINT!" My friends shout at me. "You don't have to really say anything. You can write really dumb, random stuff."

Oh, really? And just what do they think this fabulous blog is already doing for me? I already write really dumb, random stuff. So why do I need a Twitter account? It's just one more thing adding to the pressure of my life to put statements out there on the interweb for. . . other folks who apparently love reading really dumb, random stuff.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I mean, what if I run out of things to say? What if my tweeter gets broken? I suppose I could make stuff up. Hey, wait a minute. . . I could make up really GOOD stuff. Juicy stuff! Horrific stuff! Stuff that could make the entire tweeting universe sit up and take notice. . .

Then again, I'd just like to lie back on a sandy beach somewhere and have a hunky cabana boy bring me cool drinks and chocolate drizzled yummies while I laze in the sun and surf. . .

So no. . . I don't think I will be 'twittering' anytime soon. . . But for those of you about to twitter--I salute you!


Well, as I live and breath! I came across an article from someone who feels the same way I do about 'Twitter'. She's a life coach to boot! It's a pretty thought provoking article and to read it for yourselves (since I won't twitter about it) just click on the link (words) below:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th. . . The fun just never stops!

I just LOVE a holiday where you stuff your faces with food and drink and then blow up stuff to show your spirit. . .

This July 4th was no exception. . .

We got together with dear daughter and her family for a fabulous trip to the Oregon coast this year where the food, fun, and frolic never stopped. (especially the frolic)

The main 'frolic' being where my youngest son put on an AMAZING display of pyrotechnics the likes of which might never been seen again. In fact, one of his 'explosions' created a shock wave that could be felt by other celebrants in surrounding areas! (Good one, J-Man! My ears are STILL numb)

To see a short, captivating version of several 'posed shots'--just watch the scrolling slide show above.

I'm just sorry I didn't capture the madness of the fireworks on the beach that evening. It was too cloudy and dark. . . and the smoke from our own homemade fireworks, mingled with all the others, blackend the sky for miles--so it was nearly impossible to see the actual city's fireworks display! Oh well! We had enough booms and blasts to last us AT LEAST until this coming New Year's Eve. . .

I must point out that while these next two photos looks like dear hubby and devoted grandson are practicing an ancient form of Tai Chi. . . . they were actually just tossing a Frisbee back and forth:

A rare appearance this year, was none other than our own form of 'blanket'. . . or 'quilt' if you will. Underneath said swaddling was our own little 'Triple D' who graciously tagged along everywhere with us. . . not that he had much choice. . .

Do you know this homeless child? This is how little Max-Man looked while waiting for the 4th of July parade to begin:

Thanks to my son-in-law, who for some obscure reason unknown to mankind, invited us yet AGAIN to share this killer good time!